Is your website ready for mobile? – Why responsive design matters.


04 May Is your website ready for mobile? – Why responsive design matters.

Is your website optimized for mobile devices? If not you may be losing a large percentage of visitors who could become your customers.

As of 2014 mobile (smartphones, tablets) internet access has exceeded desktop and with the trend towards wearable devices, this gap in usage will only increase.

What is Responsive Design and why does it matter?

In light of the above it has become increasingly important for organizations to ensure that their websites are mobile-ready.

Responsive Design is a term to describe the practice of building a website to adapt or respond to different devices. In the past when all we had was desktops/laptops websites were built with little consideration for screen sizes or screen orientation. As such, most websites built in the pre-mobile era suffer from bad user experience when viewed on a mobile device. A bad user experience on your website creates a negative perception of your organization in the user’s mind if they become frustrated navigating your website on a mobile.

This is why it is important to consider a mobile friendly design solution.

Mobile-friendly Design and Google

How a website adapts to various devices will have an impact on your Google mobile search rankings with Google giving preference to mobile-friendly websites as of 21 April 2015.

Currently, it is estimated that about 70% of websites in South Africa are not mobile-friendly! If ever there was a time to consider redesigning your website it would be now.

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